Course Description

Rockstars Of Mastering is an introductory course to help you master our own records whether you are in a pro or home studio.

In this course I take you on a tour of a mastering project I did for my instrumental record Skadoosh! I show you how I set up the project, and how I was able to enhance the sound of each song using simple plugin techniques.

For this project I used Presonus Studio One using a variety of third party plugins to get great results. However you could use these same techniques to get great results using any DAW with similar plugins. 

Think of this course like a one on one coaching session with the goal of giving you an introduction to the mastering process.

Cheers! Lij

Host of #1 iTunes Podcast - Recording Studio Rockstars

Lij Shaw

Chart breaking, award winning producer, engineer, mixer, and Grammy awarded studio owner for The Toy Box Studio in East Nashville TN. Lij is also the host of the #1 iTunes podcast, Recording Studio Rockstars, conducting weekly interviews with recording professionals to help help you make your best record ever.

Course curriculum