Mixing Masterclass Webinar with Craig Alvin and Lij Shaw

Ultimate Mixing Masterclass with Craig Alvin and Lij Shaw - Webinar MAY 16

Get The Step By Step Process To A Pro Mix Every Time | taught by Craig Alvin
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Craig  Alvin
Craig Alvin
Grammy winning producer and mixer

About the instructor

Craig Alvin is an award-winning engineer based in Nashville, TN. His years of experience as a recording and mix engineer span genres.  Alvin's extensive work has earned him a stellar reputation in Nashville and beyond for his unfailing ability to capture compelling sounds live in-studio and his sonic aptitude as a mix engineer.

His extensive credits include: the Grammy award-winning Album of the Year, Kacey Musgraves' The Golden Hour, Kathleen Edwards, Colin Elmore, Josh Abbott Band, The Features, and many more.

Craig excels at breaking down complex studio techniques whether in recording, producing, or mixing into simple and easy to follow methods that will help you make pro records from anywhere including your home studio.

Get your webinar ticket now for May 16! 

Craig Alvin will be teaching you live from his pro mixing studio over webinar with Lij Shaw.

Grammy-winning engineer, producer, and mixer, Craig Alvin will teach a detailed breakdown of his complete step by step mixing system including a mix demo followed by full Q&A. 

You will have a chance to ask any questions you have about recording and mixing from a Grammy-winning engineer, and learn ways to take your mixes from average to extraordinary.

What you will learn in the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass:

- How to recreate Craig's professional mix process step by step in your DAW whether you are in a pro or home studio environment. He will share his mix template and show you how to mix drums, bass, guitars, keys, vocals, and setup your complete mix bus processing. These are the same methods he uses every time to mix award winning records.

- Get answers to your mixing questions from a Grammy-winning engineer and mixer, and meet the other Rockstars to connect and chat all things mixing.

- Hear results in realtime in your own studio on the monitors that are familiar to you.

- We will be teaching using Pro Tools, but this clinic will be good for you no matter which DAW you use since the mixing techniques will still apply whether you are in Logic Pro X, Studio One, Mixbus 32, FL Studio, Reaper, analog console etc..

- You will learn a process for making sure your mixes are powerful, punchy, and clear no matter what style of music you are mixing. This will work for songwriters, Americana, rock, country, indie, hip hop, or punk music. You won't believe how much better your mixes will sound after you learn these pro techniques.

- There will be a replay if you can't join the live webinar. You can come back to watch this anytime.

So bring in your best mixing questions, and get ready to take your mixes to the next level!

Here what the Rockstars are saying about Craig's awesome mixing techniques that he shared on my podcast:

(I made the first module of this course FREE so you can register now, go listen, and start asking your questions in advance)

Electric Owl Works

Electric Owl Works

"Great episode Craig and Lij!  I'd be interested in a more in-depth mix breakdown like you mentioned in the podcast.  Thanks so much!"

Javier Torres

Javier Torres

"Thank you Craig for this episode, it is amazing when someone gives such detailed notes about the master bus, it is really appreciated. However, I have one doubt about the limiter: when you say that you have "that thing is turned down to about -9 dB" do you mean that the output of the plugin is set at -9 dB? Thank you very much"

Glenn Goldstein

Glenn Goldstein

"Great episode!  Definitely took notes on this one.  One question: for the initial gain staging, -4 gain reduction target is noted but where is the threshold set on the bus compressor?  Seems like that would dictate the overall level that should be hitting the 2 buss."

Invigorate Recording

Invigorate Recording

"I'd be interested to know what a go-to starting ratio and attack/release relationship is for Craig's mix-bus compression! For example's sake, let's say a mid-tempo pop/rock song."

Orangutan Trade Salesmen

Orangutan Trade Salesmen

"Man that mix breakdown was pretty cool. Reminded me of the doctor Ford episodes. These guys have a way of getting into detail that is crucial. Definitely a pen and paper note taking episode thanks Lij and Craig. I'll be re listening ASAP."



"I'm sorry that I go off-topic, but I'm having a question for years now where I still haven't found a working solution to. How the hell do you print STEMS if you have a compressor or whatever on the master bus? The plugin you insert on the MB works differently if you send everything through it rather than just the tracks that you want to stem out?"

30 Day "No Questions Asked"

Money Back Guarantee

If you can’t honestly say that the Ultimate Mixing Masterclass with Craig Alvin has helped you improve your mixes after watching it then I offer a 30 day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

Go ahead and sign up now and watch the videos. Then take these techniques and try them out in your studio on a few mixes. If your mixes don't sound better afterward then this wasn’t the right course for you and I don’t deserve your money. 

Just send me an email within 30 days and I will send you a full refund. No questions and no hard feelings!

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